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1. Love Go Bad
2. Dream On
3. Pick It Up
4. Pale Horse Pale Rider
5. Limbo
6. Undercover
7. Motor Run
8. Love Is the Healing Thing
9. Brand New Hold
10. Young Heart
11. Reckon Some Rain

Dream On released  1997


 1. Tell Her - (listen)
2. Run to Make It - (listen)
3. Crazae
4. Here by Me
5. Good Night My Sweet - (listen)
6. Punta Mita
7. Down to the River
8. Indigo
9. Mas Cervasa
10. Young Heart


"From the Beginning" by Michael ONeill is available
in stores and online January 11, 2005, the single "Run
to Make It "
is already making play list adds in the
Americana and Road House radio programs today. All bets are
off, this is one to get, the songs on this outing are some of
his best to date backed by a stellar band and co-writing again
with Steve Cropper on "Run to Make it" we find
that "From the Begining" has a cross between Johnny
Cash and Lou Reed, with songs rich in that story tellers tradition,
Michael sings about Love, Death, Mexico, Women and Cars, the
tales run deep .............. JS


1. Who’s Bad Now
2. Chance
3. Cowboy Ride
4. I Don’t Remember
5. Austin
6. Dixie Chicken
7. 96 Tears
8. Run to the Sea
9. Better


Michael O’Neill’s latest CD, “Who’s Bad Now” is a collection of songs a long time in the making. Not due to a tedious, protracted recording process,  oh no. The music presented here, as with any great gumbo, couldn’t have been made without the carefully cultivated seasonings and spices of a life that’s been lived to the fullest, music that’s been made not just by living a long life, but by living the width and the breadth of it as well.

1. Ain't Leavin Your LOve
2. Louisville
3. Hello Neighbor
4. Take Me Away
5. Horse in Pain
6. 8:30 Sunday Mornning
7. Pay The Bill
8. Blacktop Scholar
9. Maroon
10. Palo Pinto County